Saturday, January 24, 2015

7 Reasons Introverted Men Are So Attractive

Okay, this is just for fun:

In an extrovert-centric culture, the natural attractiveness of introverted men often goes unnoticed. That said, when developed properly, the introvert’s charm is intoxicating.

Think of James Bond for a moment.  Quiet.  Pensive.  Confident.  Mysterious.  Do you think he was more of an extrovert or introvert?  Introvert, of course. 

If Bond were to follow the common pick-up advice of today, he would have a lot of trouble attracting women.  Can you imagine?  Tossing out jokes, making a loud and gregarious show, centering himself as the life of the party…  It feels a little off, doesn't it?  That's because it's just not him.  Instead, Bond is mysterious.  Intriguing.  Quietly confident.  That combination is irresistible to women everywhere, apparently.

Do you have to be James Bond to have the same genre of charm he has?  Not at all.  As long as you're an introvert, you can focus purely on bettering yourself in a way that feels good to you, and your nature will take care of the rest.  Here are seven reasons why you, as an introverted man, are naturally attractive:

1. You are mysterious.  You have a rich inner world, full of intriguing thoughts and feelings.  Women who like you want to know what you're thinking, but they can't possibly know so easily.  This sets up a playful, intense dynamic naturally.

2. You are easy to be around.  By nature, you are chill and relaxed.  You're not clamoring for attention, and you're a great listener.  These qualities make you pleasant and appealing.

3. You have a fresh perspective on the world.  Because you're not into passing fads but are attuned to a deeper reality, the way you see the world is often surprising and wonderful to others.  You have a fresh sense of humor and quirky playfulness.

4. Your introspection makes you a wonderful partner.  You have a habit of searching out where you're going right and where you're going wrong in life, so you can take responsibility and better yourself.  When developed, this is incredibly earnest and trustworthy to a woman.

5. You are in tune with subtle chemistry nuances.  This is so sexy.  Your quiet depth puts you in close touch with your body, her body, and the environment in a way that gives you a special edge.  Sometimes, just the slightest glance can make a woman melt, and your intuitive nature means you are especially primed to do that well.

6. You are intellectually stimulating.  Intelligent women are energized by meaningful conversations with intelligent men.  Because of your intellectually curious and exploratory nature, you know all kinds of different things to share with others.

7. You know yourself.  As an inwardly oriented man, you know what you like and what you don't like.  You know your values, your preferences, and what you want in life.  This makes you sophisticated and trustable.  Those are only seven reasons you are naturally attractive.  There are many more about you specifically that you may not even know. 

So I encourage you to go hunt for those naturally attractive qualities in yourself.  Recall meaningful compliments.  Reflect on your accomplishments.  Try to see yourself in each of the seven facets above.  Then, go do whatever it takes to turn up the dial on your most attractive qualities.

This story originally appeared on The Good Men Project

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saudi king 'halts flogging of blogger facing 1,000 lashes' after Middle Eastern country accused of 'outrageous inhumanity'

In an update to my last post, the media are now reporting:
An internet blogger facing 1,000 lashes for criticising clerics in Saudi Arabia was given new hope last night after the apparent intervention of the king.

Bowing to massive international pressure, King Abdullah has referred the case of Raif Badawi to the country's supreme court.

There has been no official statement from the Saudi government on the monarch's intervention, revealed by Mr Badawi's wife, Ensaf.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Saudi Blogger Sentenced To 1,000 Lashes May Not Withstand 2nd Round Of Flogging, Says Wife

If a Saudi blogger is killed by his government over free speech, how is this any different than the Charlie Hebdo massacre?

From here, where there is more:
A Saudi Arabian blogger imprisoned for starting a liberal online forum to encourage discussion and debate in his country may not be able to withstand a second flogging this Friday, his wife says.

Raif Badawi was sentenced last May to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes by a Saudi court for “insulting Islam.”  Last Friday he endured the first round of lashes -- 50 strikes on the back of his body by a long, hard cane -- in a public flogging held in the city of Jiddah.  This Friday, he will reportedly be subjected to a second round of 50 lashes.

“Raif told me he is in a lot of pain after his flogging, his health is poor and I’m certain he will not be able to cope with another round of lashes,” Badawi’s wife, Ensaf Haider, told Amnesty International.

Badawi was sent to prison and assigned weekly public canings for launching the Free Saudi Liberals website.  According to the Associated Press, he was also ordered to pay a fine of 1 million Saudi riyals, or about $266,000.  His website has been shut down.

Badawi's lawyer, human rights activist Waleed Abul-Khair, has reportedly also been sentenced to a lengthy jail term: 15 years imprisonment, as well as a subsequent 15-year travel ban. He was found guilty by a Saudi anti-terrorism court of "undermining the regime and officials," ''inciting public opinion" and "insulting the judiciary," per the AP.
Read the rest.

Okay, for those who keep saying acts of terrorism aren't Islamic terrorism, but merely acts being perpetrated by terrorists in the name of Islam or by those who are corrupting or misrepresenting Islam, try telling us that an official act by the government of Saudi Arabia is not representative of Islam.

How many Charlie Hebdos do we have to have?  How many examples of Muslim terrorism, repression, violence, and censorship do we have to witness before people in the West wake up and realize Islam is not your friend?  It is an insanely barbaric and repressive ideology.  If this Saudi blogger dies from his 1000 lashes, given in punishment for a blog that merely exercised free speech, how is this different from killing the staff of Charlie Hebdo?  Because it was done by an Islamic government instead of a Islamic terrorist network?

Even writing this piece could earn me a similar fate if I lived in Saudi Arabia.  The reality is, if you  are a blogger, you too could be a Raif Badawi but for a matter of geography.

Je suis Raif Badawi. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coming soon to a workplace near you: 'wellness or else'

From here, where there is more:
U.S. companies are increasingly penalizing workers who decline to join "wellness" programs, embracing an element of President Barack Obama's healthcare law that has raised questions about fairness in the workplace.

Beginning in 2014, the law known as Obamacare raised the financial incentives that employers are allowed to offer workers for participating in workplace wellness programs and achieving results. The incentives, which big business lobbied for, can be either rewards or penalties - up to 30 percent of health insurance premiums, deductibles, and other costs, and even more if the programs target smoking.


For some companies, however, just signing up for a wellness program isn't enough. They're linking financial incentives to specific goals such as losing weight, reducing cholesterol, or keeping blood glucose under control. The number of businesses imposing such outcomes-based wellness plans is expected to double this year to 46 percent, the survey found.

"Wellness-or-else is the trend," said workplace consultant Jon Robison of Salveo Partners.
 Read it all.  The specific examples the article gives are scary.  The "incentives" seem well intentioned, which is always the way it begins. But Big Brother is watching your health, and he's less concerned about your health than making money and exercising control.

Friday, January 09, 2015

More Americans Say Muslim Extremists Are True Muslims Than Christian Extremists Are True Christians

From here, where there is more:
More Americans say that self-described-Muslims who commit violence in the name of their religion are real Muslims than say that self-described-Christians who commit violence are real Christians.
Eighty-three percent said violent people who claim to be Christian are not true Christians while only 48 percent said violent people who claim to be Muslim are not true Muslims.
Read it all.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Belligerent passenger ejected from La Guardia flight, bah humbug!

From here:
A belligerent American Airlines passenger was ejected from a plane at La Guardia Airport on Tuesday after becoming  belligerent because an American employee wished him a Merry Christmas.

The male passenger was waiting to boar flight AA1140 from LGA to Dallas (DFW) when a merry gate agent began welcoming everyone with the Yuletide greeting while checking boarding passes.

When the gate agent wished the gentleman a merry Christmas he responded with, “You shouldn’t say that because not everyone celebrates Christmas.”  Valid point, but what’s the harm in that?

The gate agent followed by saying, “Well, what should I say then?”

“Don’t say, ‘Merry Christmas!’” the man shouted in frustration before brushing past the agent and to the jet bridge.

As the passenger was boarding the plane, he was warmly greeted by a cheerful flight attendant who yet again wished him a “merry Christmas.”  That was the last straw.

“Don’t say, ‘Merry Christmas!’ ” the man replied in anger before lecturing the attendants and the pilot about their holiday madness.

The passenger did not cool down and had to be escorted off the plane by airport authorities as other fliers cheered because Christmas was saved.
Bottom line:  December 25 is officially Christmas, whether one chooses to celebrate it or not.  If I choose to wish you a merry one, and you don't celebrate it, appreciate the thought anyway and respond graciously--like a civilized human being!  This is the danger we are approaching in this country, where someone's tendency to be offended is supposed to trump someone else's right to free speech.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

US Says North Korea Responsible for Sony Hack

The federal government has determined that North Korea is responsible for the hacking of computers at Sony Pictures Entertainment, according to a report on ABC News.

Is this the same federal government that "determined" that the Benghazi embassy attack was the result of a YouTube video?   Yeah, I thought so.

In further developments:
North Korea seeks joint probe with US on Sony hack (14:51 ET)
North Korea has offered to hold a joint inquiry with the United States into a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, strongly denying US claims that it is behind it.

The United States stands by its assertion that the North Korean government was behind the massive cyberattack on Sony Pictures, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council said on Saturday.

North Korea Warns U.S. Not to Take Sony Action (17:12 ET)
Warning of “serious consequences” if the United States retaliates against it over the damaging cyberattack on Sony Pictures, North Korea insisted on Saturday that it was not behind it, and it offered to prove its innocence by taking part in a joint investigation with Washington to identify the hackers.
It is going to be interesting to see how this thing plays out.  But whatever eventually proves to be the truth, right now it's a sad day when you have to wonder whether to trust what the North Korean government says over your what your own government says.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Black Friday Revealed How Poor Americans Really Are

From here:
Black Friday sales plummeted this year, leaving retailers completely stumped.

After weeks of declining gas prices, many analysts predicted the biggest holiday season ever. Industry groups like the National Retail Federation reasoned that Americans would use their fuel savings on gifts.

Despite encouraging forecasts, Black Friday weekend sales were down 11%. Cyber Monday sales rose 8%, falling short of many predictions.

So where are the customers? They're probably broke, according to some analysts and executives.
Then, after reporting that the only stores that did well on Black Friday were deep discounters, like Kohl's and Family Dollar stores, comes the "take-away" line from this story:

"Health insurance premiums have increased between 39% and 56% since early 2013, meaning additional costs of $230 per month for the average family."  

Yeah, that's certainly been my experience.  When you're paying 39% to 56% more for health insurance than you were in 2013 (before Obamacare kicked in) it makes it hard for Christmas to be like it once was.

So what was that about the "Affordable Care Act"??? 

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Of all the things one could give thanks for on this special day, it seems that this one is the first and greatest:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Oregon immigration vote is a warning for Obama

From here:
The fate of a little-noticed ballot measure in strongly Democratic Oregon serves as a warning to President Barack Obama and his party about the political perils of immigration policy.

Even as Oregon voters were legalizing recreational marijuana and expanding Democratic majorities in state government, they decided by a margin of 66-34 to cancel a new state law that would have provided driver's licenses to people who are in the United States illegally.

Obama is considering acting on his own, as early as this week, to possibly shield from deportation up to 5 million immigrants now living illegally in the country. Some Republicans in Congress are threatening a government shutdown if the president follows through.

"The Oregon measure tells you these measures are not easy or simple," said Muzaffar Chishti of the Migration Policy Institute. "The political cost may be significant, even in blue states."
Read it all.